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Signs That Your Babe Isn’t Enjoying Sex With You




Men often feed their egos with the idea
As many female opinions skimmed off social media and other opinion platforms show, however, this is usually far from the truth.
Sexual satisfaction is quite far from many women, and sex is a chore something they do as a duty rather than something they really want to engage in.
So, for guys; the continuous sex you are getting from your partner and the fact that she has never said no to your moves is not conclusive evidence that she is feeling you like that. It is true. All the fake orgasms women confess to attest to this fact.
Lowkey, she may be unsatisfied and not getting as much fun from lovemaking as you do. To know if this is the case in your relationship, see the five signs listed below:

1. They look like they’re not into it
“While some people are more active or passive during [sex], total passivity is a sign that the sex isn’t that enjoyable for your partner,”Jonathan Bennett a certified sex expert in America says.
“Good sex involves passion from both sides, which includes touching and active participation. If your partner seems passive or ‘checked out’ during sex,” it should tell you that something isn’t right and you should try to get to the root of that.
2. They often go to bed before you
“Nighttime is often the primetime for sex,” says Kimberly Hershenson to Bustle.
Kimberly is an expert therapist on sex and she adds that “If your partner doesn’t make an effort to get in bed with you, it could be a sign [that they are not enjoying sex with you.”]
If you and your partner have customarily gone to bed at different times, this may not really apply to you.
3. Does she still initiate?
Although men are more likely to initiate sex, women do, too.
If your partner who occasionally kicks things in motion never does so anymore, it could also be a pointer to the fact that she is no longer feeling it but has not said anything yet… or maybe never?
4. She’s ignoring sex triggers
What do you and your partner do that often leads to sex most of the time? “Whether it’s a certain kind of kiss or a touch in a particular spot, you know when your partner is trying to initiate physical intimacy,” says licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Racine Henry to Bustle.
If she suddenly starts avoiding that activity or refusing to give in to the trigger, you should pay some attention to that, too. It could be the sign you need to know that she’s not enjoying sexy time with you anymore.
5. Self-conscious
Pretty much everyone on the planet has experienced that moment of vulnerability when getting undressed before sex. But when you’re with a loving partner, it generally makes it easier.
According to Hershenson, take note if your partner suddenly seem shy about sex. “If your partner becomes hesitant about you seeing them naked, it could be a sign they’re uncomfortable.”
You should communicate and try to know what the problem is. It may be something you said, or the way you reacted at a previous time.
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