Apostle Suleman Speaks Against Ruga Settlement, Calls It Land-Grabbing

By: Inspire / July 3rd, 2019 / 41 views
Apostle Suleman has voiced a stance against Ruga settlement proposed by the Federal Government to be set up in all 36 states of the federation.
FG recently revealed that 11 pilot states have expressed interest in the plan which they say is a solution to the crisis suffered at the hands of suspected herdsmen.
However, Apostle Suleman like many Nigerians see the plan as a move at land-grabbing. In a series of tweets, he stated that the plan will only create more chaos instead of solving the problem it is designed to solve.
Any governor that gives out his land for RUGA rubbish should be ashamed..you don’t enter people’s ancestry to give their lands to cows..stay in your locality and do your business there..if you want land anywhere in world,you pay for it and it willingly given”.
“When a govt lacks direction/programs it’s starts been stupid. Is cow business govt business?..cow business is private business..let all pepper sellers,goat herders,fish sellers also ask for lands.RUGA nonsense.even small nations are laughing at us…”
“A group has no allocated land yet they kill,kidnap,rape and maim people on daily basis..now you want to give them lands all over to settle the dispute?.you are recommending a cure more terrible than the disease..it’s wrong..very wrong”.
“You said ranches,some said no..you said cattle routes,they refused..you want them as vigilantes in the east,they its RUGA…what’s with you and land-grabbing?,” he tweeted.

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